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 sniper rules

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Special Forces
Special Forces

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PostSubject: sniper rules   sniper rules Icon_minitimeSun Apr 06, 2008 5:47 am

For low end gaming?

500fps BASRs are capable of reaching a maximum range of 300feet with a precision accuracy of 250feet (well adjusted guns). This is when the limit of 100feet engagement range is set.

If you guys play with stock guns then an additional 100fps will do. Doesnt have to reach 500fps so long as you have range and precision advantage over your opponents.

Why engage over 100feet? Tactical strategy. Its not only for safety of players. Read my other post in this section where this is explained fully. If you cant understand why snipers practice this... go back to being assault.

AEG secondary? What, like an mp5k? Preposterous... a pistol will do. Not only will another primary class rifle weigh you down... it will snag on vegetation.

You only shoot when it is absolutely needed. You dont need that many guns and ammo.

May I suggest the ff:

No full auto for guns 500fps and above. No AEGs. BASRs only.
BB weight is limited to .25grams (no metal bbs)

Snipers have to be registered and approved by a governing body. If he is found to play unsafely and has a track record of being an arshole, then he will be prohibited to use his sniper rifle. He must be well versed and briefed to sniper rules and conduct.

A written and approved set of rules must be set for these kind of players.

Absolutely no headshots.

Limited ammo for snipers.

No other players can use his rifle unless the player in question is an approved sniper class member.

One mistake and your out. Must absolutely follow code of conduct and sniper rules.

Must have a set of rules for punishment for erring snipers written clearly for everyone to see.

...are not allowed to do assault work unless with the use of a pistol.

Must be shot by his own rifle at a certain range he wants to engage and at a certain fps he wants his gun to be (as a reminder that his gun can inflict pain if he does not follow engagement limit).

With much power comes great responsibility. Must be a respected member of the club. No newbies allowed until he has proven his maturity.

You cant play sniper all the time. Needs another set of rifle/gun for other play types he will be playing (eg assault, support. etc)
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Special Forces
Special Forces

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PostSubject: Re: sniper rules   sniper rules Icon_minitimeTue Apr 07, 2009 1:56 am

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sniper rules
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